About Me

After 15 years in the UK, I have decided to head back to the country of my birth, the United States. I left London in much the same way I left California – with two large suitcases, rather clueless, and slightly panicking about what I was letting myself in for. This time, though, I was also lugging two small children with me, who made the journey a tad more tiring and daunting, both physically and psychologically. That’s a tactful British way of saying that the plane ride was about as horrific as it could get and I couldn’t even indulge in a miniature bottle of wine for fear that I would pass out, and the kids would seize the moment to hijack the plane.

Back in the family home (not my own, but the Parents’), this is a journal about what happens when you find yourself at a certain age, doing something you never imagined, and in a country that feels both familiar and alien.

If you want to know why the ambiguous title of ‘The Coffee Table Years’, read my first post.

A Postscript

I returned to the UK in July 2012. It was a mixture of resignation and inevitability. So the blog has slightly shifted focus – I often write about my life in London. I am no longer living in my parents’ house, but I am still eating off a coffee table.


6 responses to “About Me

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  2. Chris Steel

    Hi Carla
    I will write a proper email in the next few weeks, but good to see what you have been up to!!
    Australia also does the trick or treat thing and being a Brit I suffer it because my kids want to do it. We always end up at a friends for a glass of wine so not all bad!
    I look forward to more postings…………………..

  3. Oh, I just spit a bit of my beer out reading the line about you foregoing a tiny bottle of sad airline Chardonnay because A & I might otherwise bring down the plane!

    We are out to eat but I am using S’s run to the loo to go online–that’s how excited I was to read this. So happy you are doing this. Apple crumble awaits.

  4. Hi C, I was so excited to read this that I used Sascha running to the loo as an excuse to whip out my phone at dinner last night. I thought I had posted you a comment but now it looks as though it didn’t go through. The gist was, I am so happy you are writing this and we both laughed aloud at the line about A & I taking down the plane. Will write more to you in response to your email but in the meantime, looking forward to reading the posts.

  5. WhiteTrinity

    Hi, Congratulations! I have nominated you for the Liebster Awards, http://whitetrinity.com/2013/09/21/liebster-award-nomination/. You have a lovely blog! Cheers, Mrs. J at WhiteTrinity.com

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