A slide fit for a royal

Blue Whale slide

Jupiduu’s artwork shows what the slide looks like at the royal residence

I don’t have much curiosity about the royal family in England. I don’t spend my days wondering how Kate Middleton keeps her hair looking good in high humidity. But I couldn’t resist this little piece of royal tittle-tattle.

Prince George, the heir to the throne, will turn one on July 22. According to a press release that landed in my email, the lucky birthday boy will be getting a new blue whale slide from a German start-up company called Jupiduu.

The company is clearly happy to trumpet this announcement and have backed up their claims by saying that the order was placed by Prince George’s nanny. They supposedly name-checked her by going to various British tabloids.

I guess what tipped them off was the delivery address of ‘Kensington Gardens’.

So I thought I’d let you see what a baby slide fit for a king looks like. And you can treat your prince or princess to the handmade slide, too, since it’s available to buy from Amazon. I am in no way endorsing it, though, since I’m far too big to test it out.





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