Olympic torch

Me and the Olympic torch

Like a schoolgirl at a One Direction concert – that’s how excited I am

I am not known for my sporting prowess, the only time I run is for the bus and I wouldn’t be able to last one lap in the pool, but here I am carrying the Olympic torch.

Since I’m fairly certain I will never be a future Olympian, this had me giddy with excitement. Just look at me: it looks like I’m about to swing it like a baseball bat – and that thought is pretty scary. My ex-classmates can fill you in on how bad I am at softball.

The torch is a tad heavier than I thought it would be and it has the London 2012 logo jutting out from its side, which you can’t see in this picture.

How did I get hold of it? I’m afraid that would be giving the game away. A hint, though: I always knew there would be some perks about returning to work.

Off to do some athletics training and push-ups.



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6 responses to “Olympic torch

  1. Cousin

    So cool!!! Great pic too!

  2. Jeanelle

    How exciting! You look just like a pro!

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