Daughter knows best

The Chatterbox

I was sitting in the garden, enjoying the gentle Californian sunshine with my five-year-old daughter, who was fluttering around my chair like a butterfly. She was having her favorite after-school snack, a popsicle. Suddenly she stopped and looked at me. Her gaze was somewhere between inquisitive and penetrating. In the light, her eyes were the color of caramel. She grinned a little and announced completely out of the blue, ‘Mommy, you like shopping but not for food.’

How is it that she knows me this well already?



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6 responses to “Daughter knows best

  1. Cousin

    This is one of my TOP FAVORITES!

  2. Jeanelle

    Now, that’s a girl after my own heart!

  3. Juliana

    I’m cracking up here…. šŸ˜‰

  4. She knows because she’s your daughter:)

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