Goats have accents – I kid you not


In England we say baaah

I’ve been thinking about accents a lot lately because my London-born children are developing an American twang. (I wrote a blog about it earlier this month.)

It’s not surprising that children pick up different accents … but goats? Scientists at the University of London have discovered that goats develop different accents depending on their environment. Dr Alan McElligott, a researcher at Queen Mary’s School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, told a program on NPR that the calls of goats varied in pitch based on the ‘creches’ they were raised in.

The radio segment aired an audio clip of the different goat calls, but I couldn’t really tell one baa from another baa. Dr McElligott said that humans don’t have an ear for it. ‘I’m sure that if a goat listened to a person, they probably couldn’t tell the difference between a Boston accent and a New York accent.’


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