Alan Shearer, football player and American mystery

Beer glass

The one and only

This is one for my British readers (probably the few male ones) or any European football fans out there.

My brother’s two loves – football and beer – collided at a promotional event for Newcastle. I’m not talking about the English city but the ale. He got to sample some free food and drink beer, which is really what most men want when you get down to the nitty-gritty of things. I wasn’t there, so I’m afraid I can’t elaborate much – my brother is a man of few words.

As a bit of clever marketing, the people running the event gave out some Newcastle Brown Ale beer glasses, and they offered to have them engraved. My brother – who thought he was being clever too – wanted to get his glass engraved with the name of one of England’s most famous strikers, Alan Shearer, who was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

But the surname proved to be as foreign to the American engravers as pumpkin pie is to most Brits.

Beer glass

Um, not quite but good try

I don’t think Alan Shearer would approve of the end result. My brother, who claims he spelled the name out for his American compatriots, wasn’t too pleased either – but at least the night will remain memorable, even if it’s not for the right reasons.



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5 responses to “Alan Shearer, football player and American mystery

  1. The English Husband

    I’m pretty certain that Esteban will still make good use of the glass x

  2. Oops! I once read a story about a woman who decided to get a tattoo which paid tribute to both her fiancé and her favourite film. She spelled it out to the tattooist who queried it but she insisted. So now she is forever branded “Gregorey’s Girl”. The fiancé wasn’t impressed that after 5 years together she didn’t know how to spell his name!

  3. Slightly off topic but David Beckham’s Kanji tattoo translates into English as “Rich idiot pay me big bucks for this”

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